Child Protection and Family Services Agency

Protecting Childre, Empowering Families, Securing the Future

Our Locations

Corporate Office:

48 Duke Street;
Tel: 948-6678/948-2841-2

South East Region

Regional office:
Kingston & St. Andrew
40 Duke Street; Kingston
Tel: 948-1145/948-0243
Shop 6 & 7,
52 Queen Street,
Morant Bay
Tel: 734-0373
St. Catherine
10 Hanover Street;
Spanish Town
Tel: 984-5542/749-1423

Southern Region

Regional office:
Lot 19 Caledonia Mall;
Tel: 962-2558
Shop #7 16A Manchester Ave;May Pen
Tel: 986-6934
St. Elizabeth
Skyview Mall;
80 Main Street; Santa Cruz
Tel: 966-3246

North East Region

Regional office:
St. Ann
Lee-Sin Tyre Centre;
Windsor Road; St. Ann’s Bay
Tel: 972-2686
St. Mary
Credit Union Building;
Main Street; Highgate P.O.
Tel: 992-2212
Shop 45 West Palm Court Plaza
17 West Palm Ave; Port Antonio
Tel: 993-9289

Western Region

Regional office:
St. James
4 Kerr Crescent; Montego Bay
Tel: 979-3446/979-1024
Shop 10 Hendon Mall;
Beckford Street; Savanna-la-Mar
Tel: 918-1642
8 Duke Street; Falmouth
Tel: 954-4344
United Church Building;
Church Street; Lucea
Tel: 956-2047

Family Courts

Kingston & St. Andrew
55A Duke Street; Kingston
Tel: 922-0000/922-6183
Watson Taylor Park; Lucea
Tel: 956-2576
26 Rose Street; Savanna-la-Mar
Tel: 918-1934
St. James
4 Kerr Crescent; Montego Bay
Tel: 952-2062
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