CPFSA Cares Programme

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), is an executive organisation responsible for children who are in need of, and at risk of becoming in need of care and protection.

The Agency operates nine governmental residential child care facilities and licenses and regulates more than 40 private residential child care facilities (RCCF) island-wide, as well as provides services to children in State care through the LIFE (Living in Family Environment) Programme.

The demand being placed on the child protection sector makes it necessary for us to explore and embrace opportunities to utilize external expertise through the act of volunteerism. This is facilitated through the CPFSA Cares Programme.

The programme has two arms. CPFSA Cares Volunteer Programme which seeks individuals with specialized skills to assist with the needs of children in State care. These skills vary to include: educa­tors, counselors, medical practitioners, among others..

Organizations and individuals are also encouraged to contribute to the residential child care sector by partnering with us as Friends of the CPFSA. This initiative encourages the adoption of a child care facility or sponsoring a child.


Join the CPFSA Cares Volunteer Programme

The Agency recognizes and values the substantial and on-going contribution made by volunteers and voluntary groups to the quality of life of children in the residential care sector.

To ensure that we maintain the protection of our children and their rights, persons interested in volunteering with the CPFSA are guided by the Volunteer Protocol.

Visitors to the residential child care facility have a duty of care and must adhere to the rules and regulation governing the operations of an institution operating under the Child Care and Protec­tion Act and the Child Care and Protection Act (CCPA) Children’s Home Regulation.

Requirement of the CPFSA Cares Volunteer Programme:

  • Completed application form [Link to application form]
  • Passport Sized Photograph
  • A recent Police Record
  • Two (2) References from Justices of the Peace/Notaries Public
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume’
  • Agree to undergo an Interview
  • Sign the organization’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and Confidential Agreement.
  • Agreement to the conditions outlined in the Volunteer Protocol Handbook
  • Agreement to a one-day Orientation and Induction Session

After participation in the Induction Session, you will be given the following:

  1. CDA Volunteer Button
  2. Welcome Letter
  3. Volunteer Protocol Handbook
  4. Schedule of CDA Major Activities
  5. Listing of CDA Facilities and Contact persons


Become a Friend of the CPFSA

Organizations or Individuals, who wish to become a Friend of the CPFSA, have the option of adopting a residential child care facility or sponsoring a child. Each residential child care facili­ty has a profile which outlines a background, programmes and services as well as current needs.  [Link to children’s home portal]

Interested persons are asked to:

  1. Contact the manager of the selected residential child care facility
  2. Submit to the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA)the following:
  3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume’
    1. Two References from Justices of the Peace/Notaries Public
    1. Evidence of identity (passport or driver’s license with photograph)
    1. A proposal outlining details of sponsorship to be submitted to the Director, Children and Family Programmes