mission, vison & core values

Core Values


We will always apply the ‘best interests’ principle. We treat children, and families with sensitivity, fairness, honesty and equity. We aim to deliver the best and most effective service. We welcome the views and participation of our clients at all times. When a child leaves us he/she will be in a better position than when she/he came. We commit to meeting our turnaround times. We promote an environment of trust and confidence. We provide a network of services and access points island-wide.

We treat citizens, and our partners with sensitivity, fairness, honesty and equity.

We treat our staff with sensitivity, respect, honesty, and equity. We support a healthy balance between work and personal life. We strive to work in a sincere, considerate and caring manner. We are committed to diversity, equal opportunity and fair treatment. We believe in promotion based on merit, and promotion from within, whenever possible We want our organizational structure and culture to promote employee involvement, open communication, teamwork and cooperation

We are dedicated to providing high quality, courteous and responsive service.

  • We work in collaboration with clients and stakeholders
  • We value teamwork to maintain high performance.

We commit to bringing energy, wholeheartedness, a sense of mission and an abiding “can-do” spirit to everything we do.

We commit to bringing the best possible professional insight, and emotional sensitivity to the practice of our child care and protection craft, always ensuring our knowledge is kept current through continuous learning and development.

We are accountable to our community for the efficient, responsible and ethical management of public and donor funds. We are accountable for the delivery of results. We provide accessible and honest information. We carry out our work in a fair and transparent manner. Integrity, professionalism, ethics and honesty are required behaviours. We promote quality assurance in all our work processes. Data integrity and reliability is key to our success. We are available at all times.

Mission/ Vision


Our mission is to proactively and responsively protect, as well as provide care beyond limits to our nation’s children through sensitive investigations and appropriate action, love, advocacy, education, rehabilitation and family support because we are committed to valuing our children, their families and our team members.


The Child Protection and Family Services Agency aims to be an extraordinary agency in providing an atmosphere within which protection and transformation of our children, support and strengthening of family life, and team members occurs, allowing them to reach their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

In carrying out its mandate, the agency …

  • Report

    Provides intake, receives reports, and manages the Child Abuse Registry

  • Investigate

    Investigates reports of child abuse, abandonment and neglect to determine the best interest of the child which supports the Courts and the Police;

  • Care & Protect

    Provides support to children in need of care and protection (those who have been, abused, abandoned, neglected or vulnerable due to disability);

  • Educate

    Carries out advocacy/public education programmes to prevent child abuse;

  • Quality

    Provides quality care for children who are brought into the care of the State (those who live in children’s homes and places of safety).

  • Support

    Provides support for families

  • Advice

    Advises government on policy and legal issues relating to children