• Support Services Officer (Level 5), Corporate Office

Under the direct supervision of the Manager, Support Services Unit, the Support Services Officer is to ensure that all properties and assets falling under the management of the Agency are maintained according to
standard that promote a suitable working and living environment that enhances performance and development.

  • Ananda Alert Officer (GMG/SEG 2)

Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Registrar of the National Children’s Registry the Ananda Alert Officer is required to manage the operation of the Ananda Alert System including organizing all aspects of search and rescue operations across Agency, Communities, Towns and Parishes.

  • Assistant Manager (Level 4), Summerfield Child Care Facility, Clarendon

Under the general direction of the Manager, Residential Child Care Facility, the Assistant Manager is required to ensure that the facility operates in an efficient manner and that the environment is safe and secure for the children residing at the facility.

  • Drivers (Level 1B)

Under the direct supervision of the Support Services Officer, the Driver will be required to provide safe transport of wards and /or employees to designated destinations; and also the transport of goods while maintaining/adhering to the required regulations governing the use of Government vehicles.

  • Maintenance Officer / Groundsman (Level 1B)

To maintain a safe, clean and well manicured environment that positively impacts the well being of the wards.