The Edge Chem team pauses for a photo opp on Labour Day (May 23) as they gear up to undertake work at the Glenhope Nursery in Kingston.
The Edge Chem team pauses for a photo opp on Labour Day (May 23) as they undertake work at the Glenhope Nursery in Kingston.

With a number of projects set to be undertaken at Child Care facilities islandwide; the team from the Child Development Agency, in partnership with ScotiaFoundation, National Youth Service and Edgechem are fully charged to lend their support in the beautification of some 15 homes on Labour Day, May 23, 2016.

Themed, ‘For Health’s Sake, Keep It Clean” the CEO of the CDA, Rosalee Gage-Grey explains that the Agency is very appreciative of the support from its partners in assisting the Agency with the beautification projects and the refreshing of three (3) vegetable gardens for the benefit of children in State care.

“Labour Day signifies that as a nation, we are expected to come together in unity and help to beautify our communities and country by extension. We see getting involved in Labour Day activities as an expansion of our corporate social responsibility to the children that we serve, in keeping with our mandate,” she said.

Mrs. Gage-Grey informed that staff within the four regions (Western, Southern, North East and South East) will be involved in the projects, citing that the major project will be carried out at the Homestead Place of Safety in Stony Hill, St. Andrew. The extent of work will include painting of dormitories, external walls, and staffroom; as well the creation of a vegetable garden, the latter will be done by the ScotiaVolunteers.

In the South East Region, Glenhope Nursery and Annie Dawson Home for Children in Kingston will benefit from painting and cleaning up of dormitories, as well as the construction of vegetable garden at Glenhope Nursery. City of Refuge in Irish Town, St. Andrew and Sunbeam Children’s Home in Spring Village, St. Catherine will also be beautified by painting of the exterior walls, doors and dining areas.

In the Southern Region, beautification work will take place at the Manning Child Care Facility in Southfield, St. Elizabeth; and at the St. Augustine Place of Safety in Chapleton, Clarendon. Hanbury Children’s Home in Shooters Hill and Mount Olivet Boy’s Home in Walderston, Manchester are also set to benefit from the day’s activity.  Labour includes stripping and painting of external walls, construction of a green space, and a general clean up of the surroundings at all facilities within the region.

Beautification projects will also be carried out at Pringle Children’s Home in Carron Hall, St. Mary and Muirton Boys home in Manchioneal, Portland.

“The scope of work at Muirton includes the painting of external walls, and renovation of the facility’s Hope House, which will be used as a transition house for boys, sixteen years and over, preparing to exit State care,” Mrs. Gage-Grey said.

Several homes within the Agency’s Western Region will also receive a facelift on Labour Day. These include Granville Place of Safety in Garrick Foyle, Trelawny; Clifton Boys Home in Darliston; Garland Hall Child Care Facility in Anchovy, St. James; Blossom Gardens Nursery in Appleton Hall, Montego Bay; and West Haven Boys Home in Hanover. Work will include extensive clean-up, stripping and painting of all facilities.

In the true spirit of volunteerism, Mrs. Gage-Grey is encouraging community members to come out and participate in the projects in the various regions.

“We all can play a part and lend a hand on Labour Day whether at a children’s home or in your very own community.” The CEO said.

Persons within the regions, who are able to assist with the Labour Day projects, are kindly asked to visit the nearest facility, and render their support.


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