In tandem with the activities for Labour Day 2014, being observed under the theme, “Take a Stand…Beautify Our Land”, the Child Development Agency (CDA) will be embarking on a number of islandwide projects within the various child care facilities.

CEO of the CDA, Rosalee Gage-Grey explains that the Agency sees getting involved in Labour Day activities as an extension of its social responsibility to the children of Jamaica, particularly those in the care of the State.

“In keeping with the theme for Labour Day, staff all across Jamaica will be undertaking projects to improve the environment at a number of residential child care facilities, “she said, explaining that the projects will take place at the Homestead Place of Safety, Glenhope Place of Safety and Nursery in the South East Region; and at The Father’s House and Granville Place of Safety in the Western Region.

In the Southern region, work will take place at the Manning Child Care Facility in St. Elizabeth; at the St. Augustine and Summerfield Facilities in Clarendon, and in the North East Region at the Muirton Child Care Facility in Portland.
The CEO stated that in the true spirit of volunteerism, community members are being invited to come out and participate in the projects in the various regions.
Giving further details of the projects, Support Services Manager Sharon Smith explains that at Homestead, the scope of work includes the repainting of the kitchen, and construction of a play area, while labour at Glenhope Nursery, involves the cleaning-up of the library.

In addition, there will also be an extensive clean up of the administrative area, and planting of grass at the Glenhope Place of Safety.
Ms. Smith explains that there will be a tree planting exercise, and painting of the building at The Father’s House, in Reading, St. James, while at the Granville Place of Safety, work will entail the completion of the garbage disposal and guard house areas, currently underway, as well as painting of the interior walls of the Facility.
Manning Child Care Facility in St. Elizabeth will be given a facelift, involving painting of the exterior walls, doors, and dining area, while at St. Augustine Place of Safety in Clarendon, work entails the painting of the outdoor bathrooms; shower stalls; railings; and walls.

“In addition, work also involves varnishing of the facility’s storeroom shelves and food bins; stripping and painting of the ceiling; repairing of the recreational and medical rooms; and general clean up of the surroundings. For Summerfield, the focus will be on road repairs on the grounds oft the facility,” Ms. Smith discloses.
The scope of work at Muirton includes the construction of a Gazebo, to be donated by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo), and renovation of the facility’s Hope House, which will be used as a transition house for boys, sixteen (16) years and over, preparing to exit State care.

In the meantime, Labour Day projects will also be done in private child care institutions.
In St. James, Melody House will be engaging in a vegetable and garden project, which will be done by the Kiwanis Club of Providence, while Robins Nest will be conducting repairs to the road which leads to the facility. Blessed Assurance will be doing an extensive clean-up of the facility, as well as planting of flowers, and Jamaica Relief Ministries will be repainting both the interior and exterior walls of the entire home.

In the Corporate Area, the St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls will be cleaning the walls of the premises, conducting a backyard gardening project and basic grooming of the children. Mustard Seed Communities – Mary’s Child Children’s Home and Elsie Bemand Girls Home in Meadowbrook will both be carrying out extensive clean-ups of their premises, while the basic school at Maxfield Park Children’s Home in Kingston will be repainted.

Persons living near facilities who are able to assist with the Labour Day projects, are encouraged to go out and lend a hand.

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