Each year the Dunwoody Baptist Church (DBC) has been targeting youth through their empowerment Camp, and this year is no different, as they seek to engage approximately sixty (60) more youngsters in State care, ages 16 to 18 years, preparing for independent living.

Themed, “Born Gifted”, the five-day Camp which is being held in Moreland, Manchester, is fully sponsored by the DBC, and is being run from April 2 to 7, 2018. It is being managed by Child Protection and Family Services Agency’s Western Regional Director, Mrs. Eunice Scott-Shaw and Adoption Coordinator, Mrs. Maxine Bagalue.

Explaining the details of the Camp, Mrs. Scott-Shaw said that the participants are being mentored by a team of missionaries and taught about God’s love through several activities; while simultaneously, benefitting from sessions on budgeting, anger and emotional management, self-development, conflict resolution and communication skills that will aid in their transition from State care to adulthood.

“These experiences are core to the camp, coupled with fun-filled activities, such as swimming, rock wall climbing, art and craft and competitive sports which help to create a balance and make the experience more rewarding,” she said.

Since the inception of the Camp in 1995, a number of academic scholarships have been awarded to youngsters in State care, pursuing tertiary studies, enabling them to fulfil their dreams.

The Camp also provides additional training for CPFSA staff to improve their communication and coping skills to better care for the children.

“The reach of the Camp is extensive because while the youngsters are benefiting holistically, so are the staff, which includes directors, caregivers, duty officers, teachers and other employees of child care facilities,” Mrs. Scott-Shaw said.


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Public Relations Officer
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