Positive vibes, good music and food were the delights of the evening, as the Manning Child Care Facility in Southfield, St. Elizabeth recently staged their third Annual Music festival, themed, “Riding Out the Tide through Music”.

Manger of the Facility, Delroy Brown said that the festival was held to showcase the talents of children in State care through song, dance and playing of musical instruments.

The children were also treated to amusement rides, games and other treats. Over 200 persons, including adults and children were in attendance. A variety of performances came from guests, staff and residents at the facility; especially the marching band.

“The festival is indeed a worthwhile initiative, which the children look forward to annually. “We have recognised how impactful it is in helping to boost their self esteem; as they gladly put their skills to the test. It is a joy to see them enjoying themselves through music,” Mr. Brown said.

The Facility also has a state-of-the-art recording studio, used to help the boys to develop their talents, as an extra-curricular activity that they enjoy.

“We see where music is helping to improve the behaviour of most of the boys; so we try to work with them as best as possible. Some of them are extremely talented, because they are able to compose and voice their own lyrics about life experiences.

“This is indeed a form of therapy for them which helps with their overall healing process. Many of whom would have endured severe trauma, and is still coping with their past circumstances,” Mr. Brown said.    

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Orlando Wright*, a member of the Manning Boy’s Band and budding singer, said that every year they look forward to the festival, as they are provided an opportunity to showcase how talented they are.

“We greatly anticipate this event, because it is planned for us, and we take it very seriously by practising, so persons in attendance can enjoy our performances. We look forward to other planned festivals and opportunities to display our talents, as the facility’s recording studio is our launching ground,” the youngster said.

The Facility which is managed by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) is home to 58 boys, ages eight to 18 years.