Consultant to advise on Solar Power/
Renewable Energy Solutions for 50
Residential Child Care Facilities

  1. Introduction
    The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) is the Executive Agency
    under the Ministry of Education Youth and Information (MOEYI) with responsibility
    for the care and protection of children. Children in need of care and protection are
    deemed to be those who have been abused, likely to be abused and or neglected.
    There exists fifty (50) Residential Child Care Facilities across the island that are
    licensed and monitored by the CPFSA. Of this number nine (9) are directly staffed
    and run by the CPFSA. These homes accounts for over two thousand children in the
    care of the state. Those deemed Places of Safety accommodate short term stay and as
    such have high turnover of youngsters. These facilities consume significant amounts
    of power given that they operate on a 24 hour basis. The utilities are paid by the
    Government of Jamaica for those directly run by the CPFSA and subventions paid
    over per child for those privately operate. Needless to say this represents huge sums
    of monies.
  1. Objective
    The objective of this project is to reduce the cost to power these institutions and
    thereby reduce the energy cost to the public purse, where suitable alternatives exist
    and can be harnessed. In-keeping with our Operational and Strategic plans we are
    also seeking to use greener technology and realize greater efficiencies where possible.
    The successful consultant will advise us on these alternatives given the current usages
    and projected usages over the medium to long term (10-20 years).

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