The Child Development Agency (CDA) is deeply concerned about the information now circulating in the press about the Agency’s intervention with one of the teens allegedly involved in the Seaforth incident.

The CDA wishes to state that the Agency has NOT released any official statement on the matter concerning its work with the teen, and is not certain of the source of the media reports, which contain a number of inaccuracies.

Contrary to media reports, CDA Officers had not visited the child’s school. Furthermore, some details regarding the status of the child’s family are contrary to the information the Agency’s officers have gathered in their ongoing social enquiry.

Furthermore, divulging such intimate details on a minor involved in any incident, runs counter to how the Agency normally operates in the these cases, as this would constitute a breach of confidentiality.

These inaccurate reports could seriously impact the welfare of the child, her family and compromise the legal situation facing the minor. We ask that in the best interest of the child, that the news reports publicizing personal information on this minor be discontinued.

Contact: Prudence Barnes
Tel: 469-4100